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Any good ideas?

Brainstorming ideas for a research paper for my Caribbean Women’s Studies course, and i need a topic. I was going to focus on Rihanna being a black Caribbean woman, and her being one of the biggest stars in the world and how it impacts other black Caribbean women and the perceptions the world has, but a million other black girls in my class are about to their paper on Rihanna. So that’s a no go. 

Any ideas about any thing dealing with any Caribbean country and women? 

  1. sepiagalemotes answered: You should write about Lady Saw and women in dancehall music (D’Angel, Lisa Hype, Stacious….). Peace & Light.
  2. theblackunicornexists answered: carribean anti gay culture, use stacy ann chin as a lens
  3. beatsrhimesandlife said: The slight prejudice that exists between black women from the Caribbean vs. black women in US. Look no further than the commentary after the Chris Brown/Rihanna abuse case. That comes to mind.
  4. justbev answered: Sheryl Lee Ralph
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    Try not to focus on parts of tje W.I. that people know a bit about. Like for me, I’d write about Guyana cause my mom’s...
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